Modern living is out of tune with nature, leading to an shift in the global climate, and unprecedented numbers of illnesses tied to toxins in the products we trust won’t harm us—toxins in everything from food & food packaging to home building material. Our collective ‘footprint’ is not a footprint at all: we are adversely affecting ourselves, and every other species on the planet. To restore a balance with nature, we must consciously and intentionally make holistic decisions that take into consideration other people, animals, plants, water, the land, air, and future generations.

We are working towards environmentally conscious building practices, using the resources shown below–and much more–as guides and inspiration. Keen encourages building practices that are energy efficient and that minimize or eliminate harmful methods of material manufacture and extraction: our intention is to reduce harm to the environment, and to the people who are impacted by our work. We have done extensive research in these areas, and are happy to share our resources with those interested.

It is exciting to see the green construction movement grow; however, “environmentally friendly” needs to be more than a catch phrase: it has to be a genuine commitment towards living in harmony with all creation It is a long journey, but we can, at least, have big intentions and take meaningful action.

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