With Keen, commercial clients—depending on the size and needs of the project, whether General Contracting or Construction Management—you can expect:
  1. Contracts: Contract management with client—this includes careful and transparent change order management; contracts or purchase orders with trades and suppliers, as well as release forms and statutory declarations to safeguard against liens and legal action.

  2. Design & Engineering: Pre-construction consulting, design input and constructability reviews; Green Building recommendations; RFI and change management; and document and permit submission.

  3. Construction: Collaborative planning & scheduling; careful trade and supplier selection; stewardship and management of worksite; effective coordination of trades with thorough communication; conflict resolution; Safety Code compliance and proactive safety management; quality control and assurance; and continuous risk analysis and mitigation.

  4. Consistent and thorough client reports and communication, including budgeting, estimating, and cost reporting.

  5. Closeout and warranty.

Commercial Clients