Keen Builders – Keen on Communities

Keen Builders is an Alberta-based, family-owned, general contracting and construction management company.  Established in Fort McMurray in 2010, we have been blessed to successfully manage dozens of large and small commercial or residential projects across Alberta – with most of our work in Fort McMurray and Edmonton.  We have a list of satisfied clients including small and large independent businesses, Aboriginal companies, and Canadian franchise companies and we would be happy to share their contact information with you as references.

We endeavor to be “Keen on Communities” as we recognize that healthy communities are made of their composite parts. We have a passion to contribute to the construction of deliberately designed and built residential and commercial structures, and more importantly, we are hoping to have a hand in the redesign and construction of our communities based on holistic, traditional principles that lead to healthy, long-lasting relationships. some of which appear in the works of Jane Jacobs.

Construction projects involve significant investments of time and money, and more – they represent people who are investing their lives and hearts into an intentions and ideas that embody a vision of what they want to achieve. As such, both  commercial and residential construction projects require careful  stewardship by capable, trustworthy people; we realize the heaviness of that trust and do what we can to live up to it. We are passionate about making a real difference in the lives of everyone we interact with – and everyone who will be impacted by our work directly or indirectly.  To us, our clients’ projects are opportunities to be a meaningful part of their lives and to have a hand in the good work they do.

Our Team

Keen Builders is a local, family-owned, Canadian company. We have invested a part of ourselves and our family into the success of Keen and the work that we do is meaningful for us at various levels. We attempt to extend that spirit of loyalty and commitment to each of our clients and do so through honest, reliable, and excellent work.